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Course Cloud is designed to simple and straightforward to both the student and the administrators. You can get up and running with a minimum of fuss, and a simple course (provided you halready have your content) should be available in a few minutes.

Straightforward course structuresEasy to understand course layout and progress for students
Easy administrationGeared around selling courses, CourseCloud provides a easy to manage interface but with a rich set of tools.
Simple online paymentsSupport for both Paypal and Access Keys allow for online and offline payments
Automatic course registrationEach course has a distinct URL. By providing a direct link from your website (or Facebook or Twitter) students can register for a course just by logging on, or by registering a new user account. This user account can be re-used for other courses that you sell.
Simple user registrationWe only ask the bare minimum require to identify a student, to encourage registration. You an subsequently have any number of questionnaires to request more information.
Courses structured your wayYou define the steps you want, in the order you want. Want a student to do the course, and then pay before they receive their completion? No problem.
Flexible QuestionnairesFree-text questions? Drop-down select boxes? Radio buttons? Upload a file as question response? All supported. With mandatory/optional responses.
Questionnaire approvalNeed to approve a questionnaire before a student can proceed? No problem, with administrator notifications and template-driven emails back to the student on approval/denial.
Inbuilt student supportStudent ticket system to request help, either pre-login (like password issues) or while logged on.
Your own CSSWant to change the look and feel? No problem, modify the standard CSS with your own version and upload it.
Custom helpNeed to provide custom help to your students? You can add help pages specific to your system
Multiple URLsYou can point as many URLs to your CourseCloud instance as you like, but you will need our help to configure them (no charge).

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What people are saying about Course Cloud

  "We have been successfully using Course Cloud for several years now to deliver our online training courses and are extremely happy with it. The software is well thought out, easy to use, reliable and offers us all of the features our business needs at an affordable price. Most importantly to us, the feedback we get from learners completing their training on Course Cloud has been exceptional.

With ongoing customer-base driven features, an understanding of our business needs and product support that is second to none, I have complete confidence in the online training solutions Course Cloud have provided to us."
Julie Aldridge
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